Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2008


vielen dank liebe iris, dass du mich zu einem deiner 10 blogfavouriten gekürt hast. nun ist meine aufgabe auch 10 blog-liebling, die ich oft und gern besuche, zu benennen.

i was nominated by iris for one of her fave blogs and now it´s my exercise to tell you which blogs i love to visit. thank you, iris

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Fabrizio hat gesagt…

Danke Schoen Megastamper !

Thank you very much for picking me I feel honoured !

I guess it's my turn to pick 10 bloggers....that's very difficult because I have nearly 200 blogs in my favourites and I like them all ! LOL

Again Vielen Danke ! (Excuse my German but I really can't remember what I've learnt at school)